Pre School


Pulford Lower-44a

At Pulford Pre-school we believe that children learn best when they are happy and having fun.

Through play based activities, we aim to provide an environment, where all children will feel safe, valued and happy.

We encourage the children to actively participate in their own learning and foster an atmosphere where, they will want, to explore and learn more.

We actively encourage positive relationships where children have high levels of self-esteem and self confidence, developing care and respect for themselves, others and their environment.

We also recognise that parents and carers are the primary educator’s, of children in their early years, we therefore believe that it is important that parents and carers, feel included and involved in their child’s learning and development at Pre-School.

We encourage strong parent/Pre-School relationships where parents and carers feel their contribution is valued.

Our mission is to provide a high quality early years environment, ensuring that children are happy and involved with their own learning, and that parents and carers are happy and included in their child’s care and education.

We aim to do this by:
• Providing an inclusive, safe, caring, stimulating, challenging and Christian environment.
• Providing a balance of child initiated and well planned carefully structured activities for your child, based on their individual developmental needs to foster their well-being, self esteem and personal development.
• Providing a well balanced curriculum that meets the requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage, in multi sensory, varied approach to cater for all learning styles and individual preferences.
• Providing regular opportunities for communication, where parents and carers can exchange and discuss information, concerning their child’s development with Pre-School staff.
• Have FUN!

Pre-school is open every day in term time and hold two sessions with the option of staying for lunch at school.

Our sessions are:
• Morning Session- 9 am-12noon.
• Lunch Session -12noon-12.30pm.
• Afternoon Session- 12.30pm-3.30pm.

We cannot convey the atmosphere of Pre-School here fully, so we hold an open morning on the first morning of every new school term. Please check on our ‘diary dates’ tab for dates and times.

Children can start the term after they become 3yrs old – currently 5 sessions (1 session = 3hrs) per week are government funded.  Additional sessions can be paid for where available and childcare vouchers are acceptable.

Pre-School Application Form
Please print, complete and sign and then return to the school.